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Boom is a casual guild that manage to raid, Not a raiding guild that manage to be casual
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 Feral(tank) Druid wants to join!

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PostSubject: Feral(tank) Druid wants to join!   Sun Jul 06, 2008 2:45 am

IRL info

First name: Jere Sj÷blom
Age: 22
Location: Finland, Espoo
Interests: Music, guitar, bass, singing, wow.

Ingame Info

In-game name: Rassu, Oxiaction(70 twink)
Class: Druid, Rogue(70 twink)
Level:70, 70

Can you speak/understand English well enough to understand tactical commands? Yes ofc, English is my second language. Got mic and other things and Im not shy bout speaking with guidies at Ventrilo or TS2 or whatever you use.

Have you been in any previous guilds on Stormreaver? Yeah, just cant remember names of them, was so weird names.. But they were disbanded. Dominate was a PvP-guild that I were in for a while but now I wanna PvE. Smile

What do you expect from us? Just some fun with nice ppl. Smile

Do you know any one in BooM? Nope, I just was in a Kara pug with some of yer guys in there, seem'd like a rly nice and skilled ppl. Smile

What previous characters have you had? 70 druid, 70 rogue, 70 warlock, 70 priest.

What is your current Gear? (It still says that Im in Dominate but Im not Razz) That should be kinda enough atleast fot

What talent spec will you use? Feral Combat.

Would you be willing to redirect those talents to aid the guild if needed? Yes but I think that wont be needed coz my talents go perfectly just for Bear Form as tank. Smile

Tell us a little about yourself? Im finnish heavy metal dude ;D I play bass and sing in my own band. Im atm very active in WoW coz of broke up with my gf just now. What else theres to say. Oh yeah, Im rly helpful what comes to help other guild members or other things in guild. I have leaded guild also and raids too, so I know something bout something. Played wow for now like 3-4 years or so. Yes, Im oldschool raider. Wink
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Feral(tank) Druid wants to join!
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