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Boom is a casual guild that manage to raid, Not a raiding guild that manage to be casual
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 Shadow Priest level 70.

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Shadow Priest level 70. Empty
PostSubject: Shadow Priest level 70.   Shadow Priest level 70. Icon_minitimeSun Jun 08, 2008 12:49 am

IRL info

First name: Tobias Lundberg
Age: 19
Location: Sweden: Nödinge -ALE
Interests: WoW, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Movie Creating.
Occupation: Im working as a movie editer.

Ingame Info

In-game name: Lottie
Class: Priest

Can you speak/understand English well enough to understand tactical commands? well, playing on european servers should answer that question? but yes, of course.
(This also means using your mic during raids)

Have you been in any previous guilds on Stormreaver? If so, why did you leave them? Just in pre-bc, then i both played with Untamed and Trolltyg, but due i got my work back then i couldnt take the pressure raiding on their days, which i can now.

What do you expect from us? A experienced player and a humoristic geek that's online 24/7 :>

Do you know any one in BooM? Might be some pre-bc friend that i dont remember now, but in this very moment, no.

What previous characters have you had? 70 Druid, 70 hunter, 70 rogue, 70 warlock, 70 warrior, 70 shaman and my Priest.

What is your current Gear?
(Armory havnt updated, and i had my pvp gear equipped for the weekend. ; note: i aswell transfered over here, so my current in-game name is "Lottie")

What talent spec will you use? shadow. (14/0/47)

Would you be willing to redirect those talents to aid the guild if needed? Of course, but if there is any other specc than shadow im afraid that i cant do such a good effort due my healing gear sucks, really.

Tell us a little about yourself? Im very much of a calculating person, i like to find out how to scale the best stats for varial classes and im very much of a speaker, might even be considered as a problem sometimes due i love to run discussions about diffrent thing. anyhow im rather quite during raids, unless it's needed for me to speak.
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Shadow Priest level 70.
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