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Boom is a casual guild that manage to raid, Not a raiding guild that manage to be casual
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 Apply for Vermanos(Rogue at Stormreave)

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PostSubject: Apply for Vermanos(Rogue at Stormreave)   Sun Jun 01, 2008 5:34 pm

Can you speak/understand English well enough to understand tactical commands? ööööööhhh yea i can ^^
(This also means using your mic during raids)

Have you been in any previous guilds on Stormreaver? If so, why did you leave them? i dident leave we merged with boom

What do you expect from us? raiding and some fun =)

Do you know any one in BooM? Yes, Zariche

What previous characters have you had? This is my first 70 but I allso have a 65 paladin

What is your current Gear? Look at link Smile

What talent spec will you use? Combat/assasination

Would you be willing to redirect those talents to aid the guild if needed? Ofcourse,
But i do not think it will be needed. My specc is perfect Very Happy

Tell us a little about yourself? 16year old Rogue from Sweden that is online most of the days and want to join your guild to improve my gear.
Want to have fun in the Guildand look forward to meet you all cheers
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Apply for Vermanos(Rogue at Stormreave)
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