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Boom is a casual guild that manage to raid, Not a raiding guild that manage to be casual
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 Seppolainen - Protection warrior

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Seppolainen - Protection warrior Empty
PostSubject: Seppolainen - Protection warrior   Seppolainen - Protection warrior Icon_minitimeWed May 21, 2008 8:40 pm

IRL info

First name: Juha-Pekka
Age: 18
Location: Finnland - Jyväskylä
Interests: Sports, musik and computers.
Occupation: Just studying in sixth form

Ingame Info

In-game name: Seppolainen
Class: Warrior
Level: 70

Can you speak/understand English well enough to understand tactical commands?
(This also means using your mic during raids)
Yes, and i gladly take part to conversations.

Have you been in any previous guilds on Stormreaver? If so, why did you leave them?
Yes, i was in Definition, but i didnt like it. Raids went well but spirit wasn't good.

What do you expect from us?
I expect entertaining raids and good comppany.

Do you know any one in BooM?
I know one from BooM. He is Knorkke, we was in same guild when we both was under 70's. Smile We have talked regurally in game.

What previous characters have you had?
Seppolainen is my first and only chara.

What is your current Gear? (link to a profile)
Eu wow armory is down atm. I got about 16k armor 502 defense and 14k hp. I hope i dont lie much cause i dont remember these exatly. Smile

What talent spec will you use?
I use protection spec.

Would you be willing to redirect those talents to aid the guild if needed?
Ofc, but i think guild needs me protted. Razz

Tell us a little about yourself?
I am positive person and i love good humor.
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Seppolainen - Protection warrior
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