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 Frost Vs Fire

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Fire Vs Frost
Fire, cuz its more damage
Frost Vs Fire Vote_lcap17%Frost Vs Fire Vote_rcap
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Frost, cuz you have more protection
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 50% [ 3 ]
You forgot Arcane >:(
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Omfg A New Member !

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Frost Vs Fire Empty
PostSubject: Frost Vs Fire   Frost Vs Fire Icon_minitimeMon Apr 28, 2008 3:09 am

Your Frost? Why?

Why do you spec Frost?

Fire do more DPS!!! Learn to spec?

These questions do i get at a daily basis now days.
Getting f*šng annoing really Neutral
And what ever i say to my defence they wont listen, (even got kiked out from a hc run cuz i was frost and not fire).

So on one of the karazhan runs we had i tryed to be fire to see if it was so great that everyone says it is.

The result was (on Attumen):

More damage done per fireball than frostbolt.

Had no mana after half fight so i had to pot and evocate.

On one aoe boss(like Auras and so on)(Netherspite):

More damage done per fireball than frostbolt.

Wiped at the start or at the first netherphase

There i did not have the temper to go fire anymore and specd frost again.
The next try on karazhan had thes results (same bosses).


Had mana the whole fight and did not need to pot
Had more crit % than in fire and more crit damage than fire

Less damage per frostbolt than fireball
Did not have the +%damage from scorch


Same as above
Had "Ice Barrier" to help me not taking damage from the aura(helping healers to not go oom)
could Ice block twice to protect me from netherbreath


Less damage per frostbolt than fireball
Did not have the +%damage from scorch

As you can see did frost help me survie and countinue dps.

And this is what i tell the ones that fire is better:

You survive a lot longer in frost than you do in fire, and that means that you can dps a lot longer than in fire and will surpass them.

I do on otherhand aggre on this:

Fire DO more damage on short amoung of times, so they are better at killing of adds and thras mobs than frost is.

This is my point of Fire VS Frost
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Frost Vs Fire
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